Spiro Reports Overview

Spiro offers more than a dozen pre-built reports to help you forecast and analyze your pipeline and understand which opportunities may be at risk. You can also track activity metrics from Spiro data automatically while your team sells! Understand each folder and report you have access to below. 


Tables are made up of the raw data Spiro is collecting such as activities, opportunity updates, contact and company information and more. Ultimately tables are big spreadsheets of everything that happens in Spiro! Spiro uses tables to create insightful reports for your team!

Pipeline Reports

Your Pipeline Reports offers forecasting reports so you can see the deals scheduled close over time. You will also see reports such as Opportunity Risk Analysis to help you identify which opportunities may be at risk based on interactions. 

Performance Reports

Reports to show closed won opportunities, how fast your reps are closing deals and which reps are closing the most deals. 

Activity Reports

Understand how reps are interacting with contacts with reports around emails, calls, and meetings. You can also see how many schedule reminders reps have scheduled in the future. 


Dashboards take all of your favorite reports and allow you to view them in one place. Spiro comes with a Sales Dashboard, Activity Dashboard and 1 on 1 Dashboard that can be used as a point of reference for individual meetings with reps. 


Although Spiro Reports offers numerous pre-built reports, you can customize these reports and dashboards to fit your needs or create new reports. 

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