Importing Data - How to Concatenate

One of the requirements for a successful import is to add the country code to all of your numbers if there is not one already. This is because Spiro voice allows for international calling. To learn more about Spiro voice go here.   

The correct US format for imports is: +1617-555-555

Now you might ask yourself "how can I quickly add +1 to all of my numbers?" The quickest way is to use the Excel function called "Concatenate".

To do this we recommend putting your phone numbers into a separate sheet to keep your data organized. 

In our example, we have "Work Phone" in column A, and in column B we are going to add in the '+1 (the apostrophe is what allows you to start a cell with a + without Excel thinking you're writing a formula) and copy it down the row so every phone number has a '+1 next to it. 

Once the cells align, you can start the concatenate formula in the first row of cells with phone numbers and a '+1. Simply add the formula =concatenate(select cell with +1,  select cell with the phone number) then paste the formula down the column until all of the phone numbers have a +1

Odds are you do not have a phone number for every single contact in your import. To rid the columns containing +1, I recommend applying a filter to show only the +1's, selecting them all and deleting them.

The final step is the paste the properly formatted numbers into your Spiro import template. You may realize all of your data changes after pasting, and this is because you are pasting the formula into the column. To resolve this, you'll want to change the pasted data to "Values Only" and now this requirement is complete!