Using Webhooks to Capture Mailchimp Campaign Opens


We can use Zapier Webhooks to populate custom fields with data from other data sources.

A common use case is to populate a Custom Entity we call "Insights" with marketing data from MailChimp.

Before you start you'll want to have an email template built out in MailChimp that you can embed hidden code in. The code below will pull in the Email of an individual in a campaign list, and it will pull in the subject line from the Campaign. If you wish to have more information pull in please reach out to

Code: <img src="Insert Webhook URL here?email=*|EMAIL|*&subject=*|MC:SUBJECT|*" style="visibility: hidden;" height="0" width="0" alt="">-- 

We recommend embedding this at the bottom of you email.

Next up, log in to your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

Step 1: Zapier Webhooks - Catch Hook Action

  • Get the URL for the code above in Step "View webhook"
  • Ignore "edit options"
  • Don't worry about testing until after a test campaign has been sent

*Now that you have the Zapier Webhook URL, you can now send a test campaign. Please note: This has to be a full campaign test, not a preview test*

Step 2: Look at Spiro's Actions - Select "Find a Contact"

  • Connect to your Spiro account
  • Set up Options:
    • Field to Search By = Email
    • Pull in the search value once you have been able to run a test campaign and pull in data with the webhook

Step 3: Spiro Action: Create Record for Custom Entity

  • Edit template
    • Contact ID - Comes from "Find Contact'
    • Custom entity = "Insights"
    • Type = "Email Open"
    • Source = Subject of the email
      • Could change "Source" to "Campaign Subject" up to you

Now I can go to a contact I sent the test Campaign too, and I will see that there was a new "Insights" record created in their contact record.

In order to make this zap work correctly, you need to have an account that allows for multi-step