Mass Updating Data

To mass update information in Spiro follow these steps:

1. Export the data you want to update. For example, if you are updating contact fields, export from the top right of the contact list view. 

2. Update the columns for the fields you wish to update

  • If you are trying to update owner, you will need to update the User ID column. You can find User ID's under settings > User Administration if you are an Admin
  • If you are updating a field that is a pick list in Spiro, be sure that the values you are entering into the file for updating match the pick list values in Spiro

3. Save updated file as a csv file and send back Let us know which columns need updated and we will complete the request for you. 

Please note: we need the ID column for companies, contacts or opportunities to update fields. Do not delete this column in the file. 

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