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    You can mass import opportunities with companies, opportunities with contacts or a list of companies/contacts to Spiro under settings > Import your data and download the correct sample file. After you fill in your data, save the file as a CSV and choose the file for import in Spiro.  

      Download the correct sample file. After you fill in your data, save the file as a CSV and choose the file for import in Spiro.  

      Import File Requirements and Guidelines

      File must be saved in CSV format
      The file must have the  same column headers as the template file. Do not change anything in row 1. 
      The format of the columns in your import file must match the format of the template files (do not delete or reorder columns)
      All phone numbers are required to have a country code in the number. For example, all US based numbers must be formatted to: +16175555555 and any EXT's must be separated from the number and stored in another field.
      To add "+1" to your phone numbers, we recommend using the concatenate formula in Excel. Information about this can be found  here. You may also run into an issue with the + symbol being the first character in a cell due to Excel's formula rules. If you add an apostrophe before the plus this will eliminate this issue. Example: '+16175555555 
      For any fields that use Date, the format is: YYYY-MM-DD

      Required Fields

      Contact files: required fields are F irst and Last Name

      Company files: required field is C ompany N ame

      Assigning an Owner

      You can use the User ID to assign the owner of a company/contact/opportunity in Spiro. Admins can view User ID's under settings > User Administration.

      Importing Contacts to a Campaign

      You can assign contacts to a Campaign upon import. To do this, you first need to create the Campaign in Spiro. Once the Campaign is created, find the Campaign Id in the URL and add this Id to the Campaign Id column in the import file for the contacts you want to add to this Campaign. Please leave this field blank for any contacts that do not need to be added to a Campaign.

      Importing Companies with a Parent Company

      Using the Companies import template, you can associate parent companies to child companies upon import. In the Parent Company Id column, enter the company id of the parent company. The parent company must already exist in Spiro. The id of the company can be found in the URL of the company or in the export file of companies that exist in Spiro. 

      Reducing Duplicates

      Spiro will know if a contact or company already exists. This is done by comparing the contact email address, company name, and domain name. If you import a contact or company that already exists, any matching properties will not be updated with the latest data from your import. 

      If you want to overwrite data that exists in Spiro, please contact your CSM and send them a file with the records IDs and columns that you would like to update.

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