Spiro Email Assistant: Asking Questions

Use Spiro's Email Assistant to ask questions by emailing assistant@spiro.ai and receive answers about Opportunities, Contacts or Companies, Reminders, Activities, your pipeline and more!

IMPORTANT: If forwarding an email, make sure you are forwarding the email to your Assistant frothe prospect, not from yourself.

Ask Your Assistant Questions

Email assistant@spiro.ai and type any of the following questions into the body of the email and send:

  • See a summary of your activity or your team's activity by asking questions such as:

What did I do last week?
What did I do yesterday?
Tell me my activities this week.
What have I done in the last 7 days? this week?
What did I do on 7/19/2019?
What did Andrew do last week?
What did Andrew do yesterday?
What did my team do this week?
What did my team do last week?

Tell me my team activities for tomorrow.
List my team activities for tomorrow.
What were Adam's activities this week?
What were Adam's activities the past week?

  • Set and see your reminders by emailing:

What are my reminders today?
What are my reminders tomorrow?
What are my reminders for next week?
Do I have any overdue reminders?
List my overdue reminders.
Tell me my overdue reminders.
What reminders are overdue?
Tell me my reminders for tomorrow.
List me my reminders for tomorrow.
Remind me to follow up in three days.
Set a reminder for next Tuesday to follow up.
Set follow up reminder for next week.

  • Ask questions, or create and mark changes for an Opportunity:

What's going on at Spiro Corporation?
What opps are in Adam's pipeline for next month?
What opportunities are in my pipeline for next month?
What opportunities are closing this quarter?
What will close this quarter?
What should close this quarter?

  • See a summary of your pipeline or your team's pipeline:

    What's my pipeline? 
    What's my pipeline this week?  this month? this quarter? this year?
    What's Andrew's pipeline?
    What's Andrew's pipeline this week?  this month? this quarter? this year?
    What deals were won this month? 
    What are my opportunities that are most likely to close?
    What deals were lost last week?
    What deals were won
     last week?
    What did we lose last week?
    List lost deals last week.
    What did we win last month?
    What did we close last month?
    List deals won last month.

  • To find out information about a contact in Spiro, ask:

Who is @emailaddress?
Who is this?
Who do I know at Spiro Corporation?
List contacts at Spiro Corporation.
Contacts at Spiro Corporation.
Who are my contacts at Spiro Corporation?
Tell me who this is.

  • Create a contact by emailing assistant@spiro.ai and use the following text:

Create contact (Contact Name) (Contact Email)


  • Find out information about a company,

What's the status of Spiro?
What is happening with Spiro?

Interested in doing more with your email assistant? Ask questions!

For more information and examples, go to our Email Assistant: Forwarding Emails page.

BCC/CC Your Assistant

When you send an email to a prospect you can BCC or CC assistant@spiro.ai. Your Assistant will create a company, contact, an opportunity for you. 

* This feature only works when you have one email recipient *

Worried About Duplicates?

Don't be. When you forward, BCC or CC emails to your Assistant, Spiro will search your contacts for the prospect's email address/domain and  will not create a new company or contact if one already exists in Spiro

The email assistant will soon be adding more features! Please email support@spiro.ai if you have suggestions. 

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