Porting Phone Numbers to Spiro VoIP

Before porting phone numbers from your existing provider to Spiro please meet with your CSM to create a detailed porting and configuration plan. Spiro will not start the porting process until all users are trained. For more details, you can also email support@spiro.ai.

Here are porting instructions from our VoIP provider: Porting Phone Numbers

Once you have gathered all of the below information, send it back to us and our team will begin the process.

You will need the following for a successful request:

  • The authorized user or owner’s first and last name.
  • The corresponding service address. This must be an actual physical address. PO Boxes are not valid addresses.
  • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user and/or owner of the number(s). Note that the information on your LOA must match the authorized user name and service address provided by your current carrier.
  • Obtain a Customer Service Record (CSR).
  • A scanned (or electronic) copy of the most recent phone bill, within the last 30 days, that includes the account, owner/authorized user name, and address information for all the numbers you’d like to port.
  • Read the most common reason for rejections to avoid them.