Manage Users (Inviting, Deactivating, Updating)

Invite Users

Admins can invite new users and set permissions under settings > user administration.

If you have available licenses, you are able to use the "Invite User" button to add new users. If you do not have available licenses, you will need to select the "Buy More" option. You will then receive an email explaining next steps and someone from Spiro's team will let you know when you are able to invite the new user(s). You may be charged a prorated amount for each new user of Spiro.

Upon inviting a new user, you can chose their role/permissions. Check out this article to review our list of permissions. 

Invited users will automatically receive an email with a link to set their password and access their account. Keep in mind that this email can only be opened once and the activation link will expire after 24 hours. To request a new activation email please email

Update or Remove Users

To update a users role/permissions or manager click the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the screen, to the right of the trash can icon.

To deactivate a user, click the trash icon on the right-hand side of the screen next to the user you wish to deactivate. To view a list of deactivated users, you can switch the list view to "Deactivated. Once you deactivate a user, historical data (such as timeline interaction and closed opportunities) and their contacts, companies and opportunities will remain in Spiro under their name. Check out the next section of this article to learn how to transfer their data to another user.

*Please note that if you would like to deactivate an admin user, you must email to ask them to first remove that user's admin rights. 

Transfer User

If you would like to transfer all contact, company, and open opportunity data to another user upon deactivating a user, you can use the arrow swap icon to the left of the trashcan icon, next to the deactivated user's name. Then select the user you would like to transfer the data to. Once you do this, historical data, such as timeline interaction and closed opportunities, will remain in the old users name for your records. 

User IDs

User  IDs are unique identifiers that can be used to import data for your team. When importing data, insert the User ID instead of name in the User ID column to assign a company/contact/opportunity up the import. To learn more, check out this article on importing data. You will also need to use User IDs upon mass updating ownership of contact, company or opportunity records. To learn more, check out this article on mass updating data.

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