How to set up Authorized Verified Numbers

What does Number Authentication mean?
  • If you are not using a Spiro VoIP number, you can authorize your existing phone number to make calls through Spiro.
  • Outgoing calls will appear on the caller ID as the authorized number.
  • Incoming calls will go directly to the authorized number, therefore these calls won't be recorded or logged in Spiro automatically. Only outgoing calls made through the Spiro app will be recorded.
  • Spiro users cannot text from an authorized number within Spiro.

Follow the steps below to authenticate your number:

  • Login to your Spiro account > Go to Settings under your name in the top right corner
  • Click on VoIP and a verification bar should appear (Caller ID)

  • Make sure to format your number with "+1" in front of your area code, with no special characters. Spiro reads country codes which is why we request adding the +1 here. If you are verifying a number from another country, use the country code in the same manner like so: +44
  • Then, click "Verify"
  • You'll receive a phone call once you click verify and it will give you a pin number to enter. Then, you are all set!