How to set up Authorized Verified Numbers

What does Number Authentication mean?
  • Users can authorize their existing phone numbers to use Spiro.
  • Outgoing calls will appear on the caller ID as the authorized number.
  • Incoming calls will go directly to the authorized number, therefore these calls won't be recorded. Only outgoing calls made through the Spiro app will be recorded.
  • Spiro users cannot text from an authorized number within Spiro.

Follow the steps below to authenticate your number:

  • Login to your Spiro account > Go to Settings under your name in the top right corner
  • Click on VoIP and a verification bar should appear (Caller ID

  • Make sure to format your number with "+1" in front of your area code, with no special characters. Spiro reads country codes which is why we request adding the +1 here. If you are verifying a number from another country, use the country code in the same manner like so +44
  • Then, click "Verify"
  • You'll receive a phone call once you click verify and it will give you a pin number to enter. Then, you are all set!

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