Integrate Web Forms with Spiro

Using Spiro's API or a middleware such as Zapier, you can automatically create contacts and/or opportunities in Spiro when forms are filled out on your website. Below is an example of how Industrial Manufacturing Corp. creates leads in Spiro and collects marketing insights from their HubSpot form on their website. 

1. Prospect fills out form on website:

2. Once the form is submitted, the data is sent back to HubSpot and a contact is created in Spiro. Before creating the contact, you should search to see if a contact already exists based on email address to reduce duplicate contacts being created in Spiro.

If you are assigning these contacts to specific Spiro users upon creation, you could also set up notifications via email or Slack so the user knows to follow up. 

We advise including a link to the contact in HubSpot for reference. A Custom Entity can be created for Marketing Insights to track additional data tracked and stored in HubSpot for Spiro users to reference such as email campaign opens or whitepaper downloads.

How to build using Zapier: 

Before turning on this Zap, we suggest mass updating contacts in HubSpot with corresponding Spiro Contact Id and mass updating External Id field in Spiro with corresponding HubSpot Contact Id for contacts that exist. You can add a field called Spiro Id to HubSpot to store this. 

Use email address as a unique identifier to find if contacts from HubSpot already exist in Spiro. If you have questions about the best way to do this contact

Guidelines to build this Zap: 

1. Start a new zap

  • App: Hubspot
  • Choose Trigger Event: New Contact

2. Filter for Spiro Id does not exist in HubSpot

  • App: Filter by Zapier
  • Filter Setup & Testing: Only continue if > Spiro ID (from step 1) > Does not exist

3. Create contact in Spiro

  • App: Spiro
  • Choose Action Event: Create Contact
  • Customize Contact: 
    • Map contact info from step 1 into corresponding contact fields in Spiro
    • Map HubSpot Contact Id to External Id field
    • If you want to include a link to the contact in HubSpot, be sure you have already created the field in Spiro under Settings > Custom fields/entities. In Zapier, paste the first part of the contact URL into the HubSpot Link field and then from step 1 include the contact id to complete the URL. It should look something like this: 

4. Add Note to Marketing Insights custom entity in Spiro if you are using this to track when contacts are filling out forms on your website or other insights such as email campaign opens (additional insights would be separate Zap). Be sure you have already created the Marketing Insights entity related to the contact with fields you want to track under settings > Custom fields/entities. 

  • App: Spiro
  • Choose Action Event: Create Record for Custom Entity (Under Contact)
  • Customize Custom Record: 
    • Use Contact Id from step 3 and choose entity from drop down
    • Fill in custom fields for data you want to track in Marketing Insights Entity. For example in this zap you may want to track that they filled out a form on your website. Some sample fields could be: 
      • Type: Website (You could also have other options for types of insights you are tracking from HubSpot like "Email Campaign")
      • Description: Contact Us Form filled out
      • Source: Direct
      • Score: 5

5. Create or Update Contact in HubSpot: We suggest sending the contacts Spiro Id back to HubSpot for reference and it could be useful in other zaps!  

  • App: Hubspot
  • Choose Action Event: Create or Update Contact in HubSpot
    • Contact Email: use email from HubSpot trigger in step 1
    • Spiro Id (you will need to create this field in HubSpot): use Spiro contact id from step 3

For more information email