Code-free Integrations with Zapier

What is Zapier? 

Zapier is an integration platform as a service that allows its customers to seamlessly integrate many different software tools out there without the need to write any code.   

How does it work? 

After you sign up for a Zapier account (there is a free edition), you will need to create something called a "Zap". Think of Zaps as automated workflows/triggers that can be built, either within a system or between systems. 

Please refer to the following article on how to create your first Zap:

Different Apps to Connect

Zapier has a huge collection of apps that have partnered with them so that you can build out integrations by just connecting Zaps. For a full list of apps, please refer to their apps page. Chances are if it's a popular cloud software tool, it's on Zapier.  

For Spiro specific ideas and connections, please refer to the Spiro integration page.

Common Use Cases

Anytime a customer submits a form on Hubspot, Gravity, or Mailchimp - Create a contact and opportunity in Spiro

A sales rep sets an opportunity to Closed Won in Spiro -> Sends an email notification to the executive team 

Adding a contact to Google Contacts -> Automatically add them to Spiro 

Closed won opportunity creates a task in your project management software 

Use Google Sheets to mass import data to Spiro

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