Delete Contacts/Opportunities/Companies

We do not suggest deleting information from Spiro, but if you need to it is important to understand how it works. 

Delete an Opportunity

Go to the opportunity details page. Press the trashcan icon in the top right hand corner or the opportunity. 

Deleting an opportunity will NOT delete any associated contacts or companies. 

Delete a Contact

You can find a list of all contacts from the Contacts tab or you can navigate to an opportunity or company to see associated contacts. Press the three dots on the contact details page to delete a contact. 

Deleting a contact will NOT delete any associated opportunities or companies.

Delete a Company

Go to the company details page to delete a company. Click the three dots to delete the company.

IMPORTANT: Deleting a company will delete ALL related data including any associated contact and opportunities. Once you delete a company this data will not be recoverable.

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