Release [May-2020]

User Experience Enhancements

Page Tabs on Web

With this new release, we completely changed the user experience on records.  We replaced the infinite scrolling to see all the details, with a tabs format, which is easier to toggle between details and allows users to see all of the details of the page without losing the header information.

The left bar now has a clear indicator for you to know exactly what section you are in. 

Also for this release, we included "Reminders" on the left bar for easy access.

Tabs on Mobile

On mobile, you can now easily collapse and expand tabs. 

New Timeline View and Enhancements

  • New Timeline View: With this new release, we replaced the old activities view with a navigation bar that will allow users to easily scroll through all activities for a specific client, user, or type. It includes a preview pane on your email inbox.

  • Call Enhancements: In addition to redesigning the layout of “Activities”, you will also now see call disposition, notes, transcriptions, and call recordings in one single record.
  • Call Activities on Mobile: This release also includes a new mobile version for all Call Activities. 

  • Text on Web: All text messages are now combined in a single activity to create a similar experience users typically have when texting on their mobile devices. In addition, we included the ability to send and receive images and send quick messages using predefined templates. We also now allow users to download attachments to their mobile devices.

  • Text on Mobile: The mobile experience for text activities has also been upgraded. 

  • Voicemail Transcriptions: Voicemails will now include transcriptions. This is super useful when you search on your timeline for a specific call. 

Spiro Assistant Updates via Email

The Spiro Assistant now allows users to add internal notes from an email.

For example, you and a few other colleagues are sharing internal notes about a customer deal, you can now forward that email message to the assistant with the following command: Add notes to Contact Name (i.e. Add notes to Andy Lee), and the internal communication will be added to Andy’s timeline. 

Spiro Slack app 

We are excited to announce the new Spiro Slack App, which allows users to access the Spiro Assistant from within Slack

Here are some examples of commands I understand:

• Lookup
• Tell me about Michael Jordan
• Show me my team's pipeline
• Display Michael's pipeline
• Create a contact named Steph Curry
• New company
• Make an opportunity
• Set a reminder for next Thursday

After the release, users will go to their settings and navigate to the new Integrations page and configure your Slack app in seconds.

Spiro Mailchimp Native Integration

The new Spiro Mailchimp native integration provides your organization with these capabilities:

Click here for more information on the Mailchimp integration

Minor Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • We also worked on all of these additional improvements and fixes: 
    • Incoming Calls will now display the company name. Example: Tim Cook (Apple)
    • Ability to filter on contacts that are in a current campaign or no campaign
    • Attachments will now display a preview of images
    • Call Transcriptions now available for Company Interactions
    • Public API: Ability to mark the interaction as "Done"
    • Zapier: Ability to easily search and update a related entity
    • Enhancements to the missed calls and missed text alert to be combined with the new timeline
    • Mailing Lists: we fixed the pagination
    • Call Lists campaigns: scrolling issues are now resolved
    • Ability to disable and enable call recordings and transcriptions. With this release, you can now have transcriptions enabled and recordings disabled. 
    • Bug Fix: Clearing custom date field [Web]
    • Bug Fix: Settings for multiple Pipelines 
    • Bug Fix: Ignore New Deal Alert will not create contacts
    • Bug Fix: drilling into contact or company custom field
    • Bug Fix: Reset password flow not working on mobile
    • Bug Fix: Users are getting logged out of their Spiro iPhone App too often

    Import Enhancements:

  • Importing Opportunities you can now use Sales Stages Name instead of the reference Id
  • Importing Contacts now will allow you to include the campaign Id to load contacts directly into a campaign
  • Add owner names to the exports
  • The ability for Non-admins to do imports

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