How Spiro Can Add Contacts For You


There are 2 ways that Spiro will add contacts for you based on your email and meeting activity:

  1. Domain Match (runs Daily, and when new opportunities are added) 
  2. New Deal Alert (runs Monday and Thursday, and when a user first connects their email).

The Domain Match method looks at user emails and creates contacts automatically in Spiro if the email domain matches a company domain in Spiro. 

The accounts involved are:

  • With valid domain (i.e. excluding blacklisted and internal domains)
  • With open opportunities, excluding those with really low values
Contact will be created if:
  • No contacts with such email exists in organization
  • We were able to extract both firstName and lastName form email
  • Domain Match is turned on

The New Deal Alert is for net new companies, and does not create new opportunity or contact without user approval. Spiro uses Natural Language Processing to generate the Recommendation, based on language and phrasing found in emails.

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