Many Spiro users want more efficient ways of prospecting into new accounts so they can build their book of business. This guide will show you how to set up a campaign of target contacts, and then schedule a sequence of emails to go out to them. You will also learn how you can use the Assistant to efficiently mix calls into your outreach campaign.

Building Your Campaign

To get started, go to the Campaigns tab in toolbar on the left side of Spiro, then click the + to create a new Campaign. Depending on your role, you can create the Campaign for yourself or others members of your team. 

Next, click the icon to the right to add contacts to your campaign.

Spiro will show all the available contacts, so it's time to filter the list based on Contact or Company criteria. You can filter on fields that exist on the company or contact record, as well as Sales Stage and Engagement. In this scenario I've made a list of my contacts who are Disengaged. This is a status that has been generated by Spiro, when it notices that it's been a while since I've spoken with someone.

I've chosen to add my contacts in bulk by hitting the "select all" checkbox on the left. Spiro will then ask me if I want to add all the contacts that match my filter in case there is more than one page of contacts matching my filter. I can also add individual contacts using the button on the far right.

Once I have all the contacts I want to add to my campaign selected, I can go ahead and add them using the "Add to Campaign"

Now that you have added contacts to your list you can start emailing and calling your contacts!

Setting up an Email Campaign

Now that you've added contacts to your list, you can start emailing and calling your prospects.

One thing to point out about sending Email campaigns is that by default, Spiro will send the campaign on your behalf instead of from your email client. If you would like to send the campaign from your email client, please reach out so that they can set it up for you. Just be sure that your client does not have daily limits on the number of outbound emails.

To send an email campaign, you must first create an email campaign template under settings. If you want to, you can add an unsubscribe link to your template. If a contact clicks on the unsubscribe link, 2 things will happen: 1) if you have set up a sequence of scheduled emails for the campaign, that contact will not receive any of the remaining scheduled emails, and 2) a field on the contact record called "Opt Out Status" will be flagged, so that you can easily filter out contacts who have opted out in the future.

After you create your template, navigate to the campaign list and choose the email icon. 

You'll see all the templates that you've set up that are available to select.

Spiro will show you a preview of the email for you to make any edits. From here, you can either send the email, or schedule the email for a future date and time. The schedule feature is particularly helpful for setting up a sequence of emails. 

If all you want to do is send one email to this campaign, your work is done! If you want to set up a sequence of emails, repeat the process and schedule other templates to be sent out in the future. You can see all the emails that have been sent and scheduled at the bottom of the page.

Spiro's email campaigns are also smart: as mentioned above, a contact will be removed from future scheduled emails if they click on the opt out link. Contacts will also be removed from future scheduled emails if they respond to an earlier email in the campaign. There's nothing worse than someone responding, and then getting another automated email a few days later, so Email Campaigns will make sure that no wires get crossed while you're prospecting.

Start Calling

If you've set up a sequence of emails to go out, you might want to mix in a few calls to those same prospects, and you can do this really easily using the Call Campaign function. All you have to do is select the phone icon and the list of contacts will populate in your Assistant, allowing you to efficiently make calls using Spiro and have those calls automatically tracked. 

You can also access all of your campaigns lists right from the Assistant tab by clicking the gray Assistant bar to choose a campaign to call. Campaigns lists are organized by Last Activity and will always show contacts with reminders at the top of the list first.

As you work through the list, you can always hit the Refresh button next highlighted below and Spiro will re-sort the list. This will move all the contacts you just reached out to and move them to the bottom of the list, so you never lose your place.

Campaigns Activity

When you are on a contact, you can see which campaigns the contact is associated with in the field labeled "Campaigns". 

If your organization is using your email client to send Campaigns, the emails sent via Campaigns will appear in the Contact's Timeline as email activity and will appear in our email outbox. 

If you are using Spiro's default email client for sending campaigns, the emails sent via Campaigns will appear in the Contact's Timeline as Campaign activity type. 

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