Many Spiro users want more efficient ways of prospecting into new accounts so they can build their book of business. This guide will show you how to set up a campaign of target contacts, and then schedule a sequence of emails to go out to them. You will also learn how you can use the Assistant to efficiently mix calls into your outreach campaign.

Building Your Campaign

Setting up an Email Campaign

Now that you've added contacts to your list, you can start emailing and calling your prospects.

By default, Spiro will send the campaign on your behalf instead of from your email client. If you would like to send the campaign from your email client, please reach out to so that they can set it up for you. Just be sure that your client does not have daily limits on the number of outbound emails.

Spiro's email campaigns are also smart: as mentioned above, contacts will be removed from future scheduled emails if they click on the opt-out link. 

Contacts will also be removed from future scheduled emails if they respond to an earlier email in the campaign. There's nothing worse than someone responding, and then getting another automated email a few days later, so Email Campaigns will make sure that no wires get crossed while you're prospecting.

Note: If you are using Office 365 with Spiro, you can now send an email campaign to up to 2,000 people. Unfortunately for those using Gmail, Google remains very restrictive on how many emails can be sent daily.

Start Calling

If you've set up a sequence of emails to go out, you might want to mix in a few calls to those same prospects, and you can do this really easily using the Call Campaign function. All you have to do is toggle the campaign status to Active, and the campaign will be displayed in your Assistant. 

This status does not impact sending emails. It only determines whether a campaign is accessible from the Assistant.

As you work through the list, you can always sort by Last Activity Date and Spiro will re-sort the list. This will move all the contacts you just reached out to and move them to the bottom of the list, so you never lose your place.

Campaigns Activity

When you are on a contact, you can see which campaigns the contact is associated with in the field labeled "Campaigns". 

If your organization is using your email client to send Campaigns, the emails sent via Campaigns will appear in the Contact's Timeline as email activity and will appear in our email outbox. 

If you are using Spiro's default email client for sending campaigns, the emails sent via Campaigns will appear in the Contact's Timeline as a Campaign activity type.