Mailchimp Integration

The new Spiro Mailchimp integration provides your organization with these capabilities:

It’s important to start with a clean data foundation, and a clear understanding of what information from Mailchimp you wish to share as a “Marketing Insight” in Spiro. 

Clean Data/Prep

The Spiro Mailchimp creates new contacts in Spiro when one is added to Mailchimp. Before you turn this on, it may be a good idea to export your current Mailchimp contacts and add them to Spiro. This is important if you want to update those contacts’ status or provide marketing insights, as the contact email address is the link between Mailchimp and Spiro and Spiro will not create duplicate emails into the system. Note that it’s a good idea to delete bad contact data before the import (, etc.).

Second, if you use more than one Mailchimp audience, you’ll need to define which one you want to synch into Spiro. It’s very common for a company to have a single audience, but for organizations that have customer, partner and marketing audiences separated, this step is important. For more info about Mailchimp Audiences please go to

Since Spiro automatically creates contacts, and allows imports from other sources, we purposely do not push them into Mailchimp automatically, as that could have significant implications to your Mailchimp costs and opt-in tracking. Instead, if you wish to add Spiro contacts into Mailchimp for a campaign, we recommend exporting and importing in order to add the appropriate tags. However, if you want to push all new Spiro contacts into a specific Mailchimp segment in order to mass market to them, please email and we will turn this feature for you.

Connecting Spiro and Mailchimp

To configure the Mailchimp integration, the Spiro Admin should go to the Spiro Integrations page:

The majority of organizations will want to start with the “Create Contacts with Spiro” capability. This creates a new contact in Spiro when someone is added to the selected audience in Mailchimp.

  1. Select that Mailchimp capability and click "Configure" to continue.

  1. A popup will appear for you to authenticate into your Mailchimp account.  Click “Add New Account” if this is your first time using the Spiro-Mailchimp connector.

  1. Select the Mailchimp audience that you want to sync into Spiro.
  1. Click FINISH and you’re all set.

To test the integration, add a contact into the Mailchimp audience and you will see the contact added to Spiro.

Other Capabilities

Add Marketing Insights to Spiro

This capability will automatically add events as email opens or link clicks into a custom “Insights” entity in Spiro.  When you enable the capability, the "Insights" entity will automatically be created related to the Contact entity (this may take a couple of minutes).  If you already have an "Insights" entity, the fields needed for the capability to work properly will be added to that. This capability will run every day at midnight and create a new line item for each new event by a member of your audience.

Update Subscription Status in Spiro

When you enable this capability, a "Mailchimp Status" field will automatically be created on the contact record.  When a person unsubscribes from your audience, it will be automatically noted in that “Mailchimp Status” field.  Likewise, if they resubscribe, it will be noted in the “Mailchimp Status” field. We recommend making this field read-only on the UI so users don’t change it.