Applying Filters (Contacts, Companies, Opps, Lists)

Apply filters to the Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Lists tabs in Spiro to find the information you are looking for. You can save filters and even export data to a spreadsheet. 

Creating a Filter

1. Navigate to your companies, contacts, opportunities, or list tab
2. Choose "Filter by" > "Create new filter"

3. Pick the field you would like to filter by and apply your filter. You can use multiple filters with "And" and "Or" statements. Please note that using both "And" and "Or" statements together in one filter will not work.

4. As you build your filter, the results will automatically populate. You can hit “Save” to save your custom filter in the drop-down list for easy access in the future! You can save multiple filters. If you are saving a filter, make sure to put a name in the top left of the dialog box.

5. If you wish to edit your filter, you can hover over the filter you wish to change and a pencil will populate.

6. You can set a default filter with the "Set as default button". The default filters will impact the web and mobile app.
7. You can make a copy of the filter, to quickly add more filter options to an existing filter, with the "Make a copy" button.
8. You can delete the filter with the trash icon.

Other Notes on Filters
For contact filters, users can now filter using the company owner attribute. This will allow users to filter the contacts where they are the owner at the company level. 

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