Hubspot Integration

Connecting Hubspot and Spiro

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Hubspot.  You will see a screen with the available capabilities displayed like above.  Select the capability you would like to enable, and click "Configure".  A configuration wizard will pop up in a new window, which will give you setup instructions (some capabilities require specific custom entities and fields to exist), and prompt you to connect your Hubspot account.  Once you have authenticated your Hubspot account, click "Finish" on the configuration wizard.  At this point, you have successfully enabled the Hubspot capability! 


Create New Contacts in Spiro

This capability runs every 30 minutes, and searches Hubspot for any new contacts that don't exist in Spiro (based on email address).  If any new contacts are found, they are added to Spiro with their first name, last name, email address, phone number, and job title.

Add Email Events to Spiro

This capability will automatically add events as email opens or link clicks into a custom “Insights” entity in Spiro.  When you enable the capability, the "Insights" entity will automatically be created related to the Contact entity (this may take a couple of minutes).  If you already have an "Insights" entity, the fields needed for the capability to work properly will be added to that. Every hour, any new email events such as sends, clicks, opens, and bounces will appear as a line item in this entity, associated to the appropriate contact.

Update Contact's Subscription Status

When you enable this capability, a "Hubspot Status" field will automatically be created on the contact record.  When a person unsubscribes from your audience, it will be automatically noted in that “Hubspot Status” field.  Likewise, if they resubscribe, it will be noted in the “Hubspot Status” field. We recommend making this field read-only on the UI so users don’t change it.

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