Release [July-2020]

Here are the notes for our latest Spiro release [JULY 9, 2020]

Mobile Enhancements

Users now have the ability to:

  • See all their activities or their team’s activities [more icon]

  • View custom entities lists [more icon]

  • Easily call back contacts from the call log

  • Access customizable Reports for mobile (Note: Please contact your CSM to enable this feature) 

  • An important bug fix to note: we corrected the “forgot password” flow on mobile. 

  • We have also made improvements to the user experience when receiving incoming calls via Spiro Voice.

Web Edition Improvements

  • The Settings UX is much improved in the way you view Custom fields, entities and layouts (Note: this is for Admins only).
  • Spiro Voice users now have the ability to record their voicemail greetings from the Web version.
  • The Spiro Assistant is getting smarter!  It will not only transcribe and summarize calls but can also allow users to set reminders from the call intents. 


  • For our Gmail users, the email sync with Spiro is now in real-time. 

  • The Spiro Assistant via Slack, now knows the command, “What did I do last week?”

  • We have released a new Spiro Smart Connector with Hubspot

Import Enhancements

We have been working hard on improving the importing process for our customers. Here are a few of the most recent updates:

  1. Loading Contacts or Opportunities using Company IDs: Users with importing Admin rights will now have the ability to specify the company id when loading contacts or opportunities. This will prevent the creation of duplicates or wrong domain matches.
  2. Load using Campaign IDs: The export file will now include campaign ids and the import will now support loading contacts with a specific campaign ids.
  3. Custom Entities: Users now have the ability to easily export and import custom entities type section associated with companies, contacts or opportunities
  4. Troubleshooting errors: We added additional validations to better troubleshoot the import errors.

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