How to Sync MsExchange Subfolders

Audience: For Exchange Users saving their inbox emails into subfolders.

Spiro syncs email with your Inbox and outbox folders. However, some users like to organize their emails into subfolders. A quick workaround is to create a "Rule" in your inbox to copy all of your emails into a subfolder called spiroinbox and let the support team ( change this for a specific user for the entire org.

Here are the instructions from Outlook. Your user interface might be different but the process is the same:

  • These changes have to happen at the SERVER level and not the client level. For Office365 users, connect to the web browsers. For exchange users, please contact your sys admin to confirm that the rules are on the server side.
  • Go to the left panel and create a new folder: "spiroinbox"
  • From Settings got to Rules
  • Create a rule where the condition will trigger for the emails that you would like to sync. You can keep it as generic as all emails sent to you or maybe a flag
  • Add an action to copy to the folder: spiroinbox
  • SAVE and TEST
  • If you also move your sent emails, please create a rule for sent emails and name the folder "spirosent" and follow the same steps. Also, let the support team know by sending an email to