Create Opportunities


Opportunities are the active deals you are working on with companies/contacts in Spiro. You can record and easily update opportunity information such as the amount, expected  close  date, sales stage, and more.

Create an opportunity with an existing company or contact:

Always search for a company or contact before creating a new one to prevent duplicates. If the company or contact already exists in Spiro, you can use the global search at the top of Spiro to find the company/contact you would like to create an opportunity for. Search is also available from the contact and companies tabs. 

Once you find the company or contact, scroll to the bottom of the page under Opportunities and choose the NEW+ button to add a new opportunity. You can create multiple opportunities for a contact or company. 

Fill in any Opportunity details and hit save. 

Creating an opportunity for a new company or contact:

If you are creating an Opportunity with a brand new company and contact, navigate to the Opportunities tab, then click NEW+ in the right-hand corner of the opportunity list view. 

Enter information for the company, contact, and opportunity from one screen. 

You can also view a list of opportunities from the Opportunities tab in Spiro and search for an opportunity using the global search or the page-specific search from the opportunities tab.