Release [September-2020]

Here are the notes for our latest Spiro release [SEPTEMBER 14, 2020]

Web and Mobile Enhancements

In this latest release, we've added:

  • 'See more' button to display long text fields

  • The Activities tab User filter is now a multi-select User picker

  • Added Missed Calls to the Type filter options under Activities

  • Spiro Reports Real-time Sync. Spiro will now sync, in real-time, all activity, opportunity, and related entities data to the reports environment. In the October release, we plan to include real-time syncing of all company and contact data. Data uploads via the data loader or API will sync on our daily full data sync.
  • Email Assistant: New Command for Past Due Reminders

  • New Settings Menu User Interface is easier to navigate
  • Display "Created By" field under Company and Contact records
  • Imports now create an exportable report with any duplicate contact or company records
  • When importing to custom entities, you no longer need to include all custom entity columns, just the ones being updated
  • Imports: An owner is not necessary for data updates
  • When adding New Contacts or Opportunities, Spiro now indicates that it will create a new company if the Company entered does not exist

Data Security

  • Role: Manager [Limited] can no longer search contacts or companies that are not owned by their team
  • Non-Managers can no longer query all activities from every user in the organization

Bug Fixes

  • Email Assistant Reminders were not working for GMAIL users
  • Web App: Users were receiving an error message when attempting to delete a contact phone number from the List view
  • Mobile [iOS / Android]: Creating Opportunities from Contact Details was not automatically adding the contact to the opportunity
  • Websites were not being saved if entered in the format 'Https://'
  • Spiro Call summary was adding extra character '\n'
  • Web Settings: Users could not see the first column in "User Administration"
  • Campaigns: Wrong values displayed in the "Engagement" column in the Contacts table
  • Android: Adding new call log for Non-Spiro Voice users

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