Logging Activity

You can log activity, such as calls and meetings, with contacts, companies or opportunities in Spiro.

Logging Activity with Companies and Opportunities

To log activity for a company or opportunity (not specific to a contact), navigate to the company or opportunity page and choose log activity icon seen below in the timeline:

After you choose the type of activity, be sure to choose "Assign to  company " or "Assign to opportunity" from the drop-down to associate the activity with the company. The activity will record on the timeline. 

Logging Activity with Contacts

Next to each contact in Spiro, you will see different ways to interact with a contact: Call/Text, Send Email, Set Reminder, Log Activity. 

Logging activity for your key contacts associated with opportunities in Spiro is important because it helps to maximize the recommendations provided by your Spiro Assistant.


This action will pull up your email templates in Spiro for fast and easy outbound emails. You can create email templates under settings. If you choose to use your own email client, you will see the following option screen: 

If you use Spiro's default email client, you will see a more native email writing experience: 


Set reminders so you Assistant can remind you when to follow up with contacts in Spiro. Reminders will populate in your Assistant on the date they are due.  

Log Activity

This action will allow you to log several types of activity for outbound correspondence. When you log activity, you will always be prompted to set a reminder or next step. 


All the activity you log in Spiro will populate on the Timeline which is a history of your past interactions with contacts. You can filter the timeline by type of activity, date, and owner. 

You can also add notes and attachments to the timeline using the icons on the  right-hand side. 

If you click into the timeline (on any interaction) you will be brought to a timeline detail view, where you can see more information interactions with that specific contact or company. You will be able to search and filter interactions from this timeline detail view. 

Activities Tab

As seen in the image above, there is a tab entirely dedicated to activities in Spiro. Here, you can search in search bar for different activity titles, and you can even search for key words from the contents of an email. You can also use the Type, Date, and Owner filters at the top to further filter your activity search. 

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