Spiro Parent-Child Company Relationship

If you want to enable parent-child company relationships, you can do so from your Company Settings: First, go to a company record in Spiro for which you would like to set a parent company. Once Parent/Child is enabled for your organization, you should be able to see a field labeled Parent Company. The Parent Company field acts as a lookup field for Companies that already exist in Spiro that you want to relate to another company. After you have selected the parent company, click out of the field to save. In this example, we chose to set Spiro as the parent company.

Now that you have set up your first parent/child relationship, you can click on the link to the parent company from the child company page. On the parent page, there will be a section at the bottom showing all the associated child companies (there can be multiple). In addition, the activities and other items from the child companies (Contacts, Opportunities, etc.) will be visible.