The Activities tab is designed to help you sort through all the interactions you've had with your contacts and accounts. It stores all of the meetings, emails, calls, and texts that Spiro has tracked for you, as well as any notes and attachments you might have uploaded. You can filter by activity type, as well as by date period.

If you're a manager, you can also review the activities of your sales team to get quick status updates on key accounts, without having to bug your sales team and wait for a response.


You can also search within the Activities module to find that particular conversation you know you had, but can't quite remember when you had it.

Searching Activities will search the activity subject, the call transcription (if transcriptions are enabled), as well as the activity description. It will also return results from Email bodies and Event descriptions.

Viewing Activities

To view an activity, click on it, and a drawer will open with the activity details. If it's an email, you will see the whole email body. You can even reply to or forward the email directly from the drawer. If there's an attachment included in the email, there will be a separate tab in the drawer where you can view the attachment. Spiro will automatically capture attachments from your emails into Spiro.

For calls, Spiro will include the call recording and transcription, if those are features you have turned on in your account.

Meetings will sync all the information from the calendar event, and also include a separate field to store your meeting notes. And when you respond to the Assistant's email reminding you to log meeting notes, those notes will be automatically stored in this field.