Create Contacts from Phonebook (Mobile App)

Adding contacts from your phone book is a simple process in Spiro from your mobile app.

Allowing Access to Contacts

To add contacts from your phone you need to allow Spiro access to your contacts on your phone. You can do this when you first download the app. If you denied Spiro access to your contacts list you can easily enable by doing the following:

- For iPhone users: go to your Settings > Privacy > Contacts.  Scroll down to find Spiro and make sure it is turned on

- For Android users: go to your Settings > Personal Tab > Privacy and Safety > App Permissions > Contacts.  Scroll down to Spiro and make sure it is turned on 

Contacts or Opportunities - What's the Difference?

You can add contacts from your phone book as either just a contact or as an opportunity. If you add a person as just a contact, Spiro will have a record of that person in the system and track activity - but will not give you proactive recommendations on how to close a deal.

If you choose to create a contact and an opportunity, Spiro will proactively remind you to make sure to follow up with this person to close a deal. You'll also be able to associate some basic sales information to this person, such as a deal amount, sales stage and expected close date.

Adding Phone Contacts as Opportunities

  • Choose the opportunity tab in the mobile app 
  • Hit the "+" button on the top right of the opportunities screen
  • Where it says "Choose Type" - pick "Contact"
  • Hit the "Address Book" Icon that appears next to "First Name"
  • Pick the contact you wish to add
  • Hit "Create" at the bottom of the screen
  • Adding Phone Contacts as Contact/Company
  • Start by going to either the Contact or Company tab in the Spiro mobile app
  • Hit the "+" button on the bottom right of the search screen 
  • Choose the "Address Book" icon 
  • Pick the contact you wish to add from your address book
  • Spiro automatically creates a contact and company for you!

Business Card Scanner

  • Click the "+" button at top of contact tab to add a new contact and choose Card reader
  • From here you can line up the business card to scan in
  • Spiro will scan as much information as possible from the business card

At this point in time, we don't allow Spiro to mass import your phone contacts into the app. Please reach out to if you'd like to discuss some ways we can help you get more of your data into the app.

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