Opportunities (Mobile App)

Opportunities are the active deals you are working on with companies/contacts in Spiro. You can record and easily update opportunity information such as the dollar amount, expected close date, sales stage and more.  

Heres how to create an opportunity for a new company or contact:

If you are creating an Opportunity with a brand new Company and Contact, navigate to the Opportunities tab and click the "+" sign on the top right-hand corner.

Enter in the company/contact and opportunity information and hit “Save” on the top right:

Creating an Opportunity with an existing company or contact:

The first step to creating a new opportunity with an existing company or contact is to navigate the “Search” tab and search for the company or contact who the opportunity is associated with. 
TIP: Always search for a company or contact before creating a new one to prevent duplicates 

 Once you find the company or contact you can scroll down to the Opportunities section and click the + sign to create a new opportunity.

Next, fill in the details for your new opportunity and click "Save" in the top right.

You can view the opportunity from the Opportunities tab or search for the contact or company the opportunity is associated with from the search tab.

Managing Opportunities

You can filter opportunities by owner or sales stage at the top of the opportunities tab. You can also sort by Account, Amount and Close Date. 

Drill into an opportunity to edit. Click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner to edit details of your opportunity 

Key Contacts

Key contacts are people at a company that are the decision makers for an opportunity. Only interactions with key contacts show up in the timeline for your opportunities. 

To select a key contact, drill into an opportunity and scroll to contacts. Click the "+" sign next to a contact to make them a key contact. You can have multiple key contacts for an opportunity. 

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