Opportunities (Mobile App)

Opportunities are the active deals you are working on with companies/contacts in Spiro. You can record and easily update opportunity information such as the dollar amount, expected close date, sales stage, and more.  

Creating an opportunity

You can create a new opportunity by going to the Opportunities tab and clicking on the orange + button in the bottom right corner.
Fill out all the necessary information — Opportunity Name, Company Name, Amount, etc. — and hit “Save” on the top right. 

Creating an Opportunity from an existing company or contact record

You can also create an opportunity directly from a company or contact record that already exists in Spiro. Simply search for the desired company or contact and click on the + symbol next to the Opportunities entity at the.
Next, fill in the details for your new opportunity and click "Save" in the top right. You can view the opportunity from the Opportunities tab or search for the contact or company the opportunity is associated with from the search tab.

Managing Opportunities

The opportunity tab in the mobile app is dynamic, just like on the web. Spiro will add up the total number of opportunities and the total dollar amount for each sales stage, and it will also only show you sales stages if there are opportunities in the sales stage to help save space on your screen.

When you apply a filter using any of the existing filters you've built on the web, you'll notice that the amounts will change to match the new filter parameters.

When you drill into an opportunity, you can click the three dots in the top right corner to edit the details of the opportunity.

Key Contacts

Key contacts are the people who you are actively speaking with on a particular opportunity. Only interactions with key contacts show up in the timeline for your opportunities. You can have multiple key contacts for an opportunity.

Upon creating an opportunity, all contacts associated with the company your opportunity is associated with will be added as key contacts. To deselect a key contact, drill into an opportunity and scroll to contacts, then use the "x" sign next to the contact you would like to remove. This will not remove them from Spiro entirely, their interactions will simply no longer show in the opportunity timeline as they are no longer associated with the opportunity. 

To select a key contact, drill into an opportunity and scroll to contacts. Click the "+" sign and you can select an existing contact that's already in Spiro, or you can create a brand new one.