Spiro Release [October 11, 2022]

A big focus of our engineering team on this release was fixing bugs and other issues that frustrated everyone using our platform. You might not have noticed each one, but someone did and brought it to our attention. Thank you for doing that. To report bugs, please email them to support@spiro.ai. For new feature requests or things you'd like to see in Spiro, please use our Product Suggestion form.

In addition to the fixes, we did release some new and updated features we hope you will enjoy:

Improved Contact Picker

Have you ever wanted to assign a contact to a quote or other item in Spiro, but felt overwhelmed by the list of contacts? Now you can easily filter the list of contacts to the relevant company by clicking one button:

New Text and Missed Call Alerts

Concerned about missing calls or text messages in Spiro? We've updated the alert to make it easier to see and more actionable.

Google your contacts or customers much?

Now you can do that with one click from within Spiro:

Pipeline View updates:

  • Interested in seeing all the details of an opportunity from the pipeline view page? Now you can click on the slanted arrow to open the complete record.

  • You can now use the aptly named "New" button to create a new opportunity directly from the pipeline view page.

A few other things:

  • Spiro's Smart Assistant Rules are now available on iOS.
  • When drafting an email from scratch, you can now search for a contact by their name in addition to their email.
  • Have you finished a call and wanted to tag a colleague, so they know what's going on? You can use Spiro's @mention feature, which is now available on Android.
  • On detail pages like contacts, companies, etc., you can now filter custom lists.
  • Android: Do you need to scan business cards? Now on our Android app, we've improved the card scanner so you can easily reorient the business card so it scans better.

Thank you

You are the reason why we build all of the things into Spiro. As mentioned above, please send us any feedback to support@spiro.ai, and if you like the new release, feel free to let us know!