How to Use Spiro's Customer Feedback Module


The customer feedback module is a module within Spiro that allows you to automate feedback collection from your prospects or customers. You will be able to set a trigger within Spiro, automate the sending of a survey to a customer/prospect, and collect the data in Spiro for reporting uses. 

The customer feedback module is commonly used to collect Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), but can be utilized anywhere where you want to automate feedback on processes to improve your business.  

How it works

You must work with your CS and Onboarding team to enable this module. Once enabled, the module can trigger off of a status update on the Contact/Company/Opportunity level, or off of an email campaign in Spiro. 

If triggering from a status update:

If triggering from a campaign:


All data captured by the Customer Feedback Module can be reported on in Spiro analytics. Your Customer Success Manager can help you build reports that can track NPS or CSAT over time, to get a view on if your customer experience is improving over time. Here is an example of how an NPS report built in Spiro might look::