How to Use Spiro's Fulfillment Module


The fulfillment module is a module within Spiro that allows you to track post sale projects and processes within Spiro. You will be able to create and manage a project status, store project related information,  assign project related tasks, and increase overall collaboration on a project all within Spiro.  

This module is for anyone who needs to manage a post sale process or project that is no longer driven by the sales team. The following are the most common reasons why our customers use the fulfillment module:

  • They need to organize the fulfillment of complicated orders that involve many steps or team members
  • They manage installation of products and service orders with the use of in house professional services
  • They want to improve overall project speed and efficiency
  • They want to increase project status visibility for their organization   

How it works

You must work with your CS and Onboarding team to enable this module. Once enabled, a new entity will appear in your Lists section called "Projects". Projects represent a process or an outcome that you must manage for a customer. Projects can be created manually via data entry, or can be automatically created based on a trigger. Common triggers for project creation are when Opportunities are Closed Won, a help form on your website is filled in, or new Orders are created. 

When Projects are created, Spiro can automatically generate project tasks for your project, based on the type of project. You can store up to 5 project templates in the system. The fulfillment module can be completely customized to fit your project process. 

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