How to Use Spiro's Quoting Module


Spiro's quoting module allows an organization to maintain a product catalog and generate pdf quotes using their product catalog within Spiro. Spiro generated quotes can also be enabled with e-signature, allowing your customers to digitally sign a quote to commit their business to you. Our customers use Spiro Quoting to help with the following:

  • To standardize quoting practices, such as the look, feel and verbiage used on your documents  
  • To save time when creating complex quotes (especially if doing it on mobile)   
  • Maintain centralized control over pricing on quotes 
  • Improve follow up on any quote generated (via Assistant Rules)
  • Better understand quote conversion %

How It Works

This module must be turned on by your CSM. When this module is turned on, you will see a new tab on your left navigation bar called Quotes. To generate a quote, navigate to either a Contact, Company or Opportunity.   

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