Spiro Release [December 19, 2022]

Personalize Your List Views

We heard your requests — you can now personalize list views in Spiro to view the information that you need to see more easily.

You can drag and drop the order of columns, resize their width, pin a column to the left or right side of your screen, and even hide columns that you don't need. Once you make these changes, they are automatically saved. We hope this helps you be more productive and efficient while using Spiro. Check out how these updates work below.

Drag the right edge of a column to adjust its width.

Select the vertical ellipse on a column to hide or show columns, sort a column, or pin a column to the left or right side of the screen:

Click the More button > Reset Contact View if you need to reset a list to its default view:

Filters are Easier to Create

We are also excited to share that filters are now easier to create on the web with the added ability to search for the fields that you want to use. Fields are also now grouped by entity in the dropdown list.

A Few More Things

  • We have updated the Spiro mobile app on both iOS and Android to improve the rendering of emails. HTML, images, and text will now appear more clearly, making emails easier to read and navigate.
  • You can now trigger an alert popup from Zapier or our API to enable users to receive an alert when a quote has been created or signed. 
  • You can now duplicate opportunities in Spiro from the "More" button in an opportunity record. Duplicating an opportunity will copy all of the fields associated with the original opportunity, including the title, description, estimated close date, and any other custom fields. This feature is available to all users.
  • Spiro admins can now create custom activity types. For example, you can now create a "Dropped off sample" activity type and have it show up in the Activities list of a company record.
  • We now offer a public API for quotes. Using our API you can now look up quotes, create, update or delete quotes from within Spiro. Full details can be found at https://developers.spiro.ai/.
  • We have improved the load time on the opportunities page on iOS. We know this was an inconvenience, so we're pleased to announce that the screen now loads quickly and reliably. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.
  • This release contains a small but significant change to the web experience in Spiro. Now when creating a new record, your cursor will automatically be placed in the first field, allowing you to start entering data right away. This feature is part of our ongoing effort to reduce clicks and provide a more efficient user experience.
  • You can now display products in the side drawer for quotes. This feature makes it easier for users to quickly view the products related to quotes, reducing the need for additional clicks.
  • We are pleased to announce a new feature to help reduce the number of clicks when creating new opportunities, contacts, companies, or other records in Spiro. When you click the "More" button to create a new opportunity from a company record, for example, you will be taken directly to the new record. 
  • The list search now allows for partial matches to show in search results. This will help you surface the record(s) that you are searching for by no longer requiring an exact match.

In addition to everything listed above, the Spiro engineering team has addressed several bugs and minor issues that have been frustrating to users, and we'd like to give a special thank you to those who have provided feedback. To report bugs, please email them to support@spiro.ai. For new feature requests or things you'd like to see in Spiro, please use our Product Suggestion form.