Connecting your Okta Account with Spiro

Okta Configuration Guide


All Spiro users have the ability to configure a default Identity Provider to power Single Sign On (SSO). This article details how to configure Okta as the primary Identity Provider to facilitate SSO with the Spiro Web and Mobile applications.


  1. User setting up the SSO must be an administrator in the Okta workspace
  2. Okta Workspace must be on either the Business or Enterprise plan.

Configuration Steps

  1. In a new browser tab, open your Okta administration portal and in Applications click the Browse App Catalog.
  2. Search for and click to select it

3. Click on Add Integration to add the integration to your Okta Workspace

4.In the setup General Settings, select the application label (This is the name of the application in your Okta workspace. It can be anything you like)

5. After Completing the general setup, go to the Sign On screen

6. Note down your Client ID and your Client Secret

Finishing Steps

Once you have all the information (summarised below), email it to

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Issuer URL (your Okta workspace URL)

Spiro support will handle your request and get back to you once the integration is configured.

You will now be able to sign-in to Spiro from your Okta Workspace Dashboard, as well as initiate Okta login from our regular login page.