Draft Emails with AI

Leveraging AI in Email 

Spiro uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you draft emails to your customers and prospects. Here's how to use our generative AI to draft an email:

  1. Open an email window either from the top navigation bar or from a contact record. You must ensure a contact is in the "Send To" field for this feature to work. 
  2. In the email body window, write a prompt that you want to be the base of the message you are trying to craft. Get creative—the prompt can be about anything. Examples include:
    1. Asking the AI to write a follow-up email about a recent meeting.
    2. Putting in meeting notes and having the AI summarize them.
    3. Thank someone for something and suggest the next steps.
  3. Then click the "Draft Email" button.
  4. The AI will then compose an email to your contact, using your prompt as the basis of the email text. 

You can see the process using the interactive demo below: 

The interface to draft a new email from the email icon in the upper navigation or the “Email” button on contact records has been updated to provide a cleaner user experience.