Spiro Gov Cloud Release (Mar 2023)

What's New in Spiro

Our engineering team has been hard at work updating Spiro's Gov Cloud Application to make you and your team more productive and bring you new features. Here are the biggest updates:

New Assistant Design

The Spiro Assistant interface has been redesigned to make it easier to take action based on recommendations. With this update, Spiro provides the reasoning behind each recommendation, giving users a better understanding of why the suggestion was made. This change will make the Spiro Assistant a more powerful and intuitive user experience.

Personalize Your List Views

You can now personalize list views in Spiro to view the information that you need to see more easily.

You can drag and drop the order of columns, resize their width, pin a column to the left or right side of your screen, and even hide columns that you don't need. Once you make these changes, they are automatically saved. We hope this helps you be more productive and efficient while using Spiro. Check out how these updates work below.

Drag the right edge of a column to adjust its width.

Spend less time navigating with inline editing

We believe that the combination of inline editing and drawers will speed up workflows and reduce the number of clicks needed to interact with a record, such as updating close dates or editing the line items of a quote. Please note that email and phone fields are not editable on the list view.

Emails are Easier to Read

Reading and responding to emails is now easier in Spiro thanks to a new look, making them more readable and with better formatting.

Lists Now Have Fixed Headers

When you view a list in Spiro, you will now see the header row of a list while you scroll. The header row remains at the top of the list so it is clear exactly what information you’re looking at.

A Few Other Things

  • Backend performance improvements to make the application faster.
  • Improvements to Lookup/picker field types - we've made it easier to find and select the right records when using Company, Contact and Opportunity picker fields.     
  • We added back a "Reminders" tab, separating Reminders from Assistant generated recommendations.
  • A new ability to skip the drawer and jump straight to the record details, reducing the number of clicks when you don't need to use a drawer.
  • Opportunity pipeline views now show more details - In Spiro you will now see the opportunity amount field on individual pipeline view cards, in addition to the opportunity name and the related company. 
  • The filter experience has been greatly improved - they are now easier to create as well as give you more options for fields to choose from. 
  • You can now search list objects by record ID. For users who use ID as the main reference for your opportunities, quotes, etc, this will help you find those records faster
  • We’ve made it easier for admins to find a specific user on the user administration page in settings by adding a search bar. Additionally, admins can now sort users by whether or not their email is connected.