Using Spiro's Data Collector


The data collector is Spiro's simple data solution that allows Spiro customers to bring data to Spiro from any other platform. By setting up a Data Collector Job, you will be able to set up automatic imports and updates to Spiro from any data source that you choose, into any Spiro destination that you wish, without requiring any additional engineering or customization from Spiro's side.

Before Setting Up a Data Collector Job

Data Collector must be enabled for your organization - If you are not sure if your organization has access to Data Collector, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Data Collector Jobs can only be set up by a Spiro Administrator. 

Data Collector connects to Dropbox - you are responsible for getting your data into the provided Dropbox folder. Once there, Data Collector will collect any file that is there on a daily basis.  

Data Collector jobs are available out of the box for the Company and Contact tables. If you want to enable one of your custom list entities for the Data Collector, you must navigate to that entity and turn it on, using the following steps:

Setting Up Your First Data Collector Job

The following demo shows how to setup Spiro Data Collector for import into the Orders entity: