How to Extend the Value of Spiro with Smart Modules [Video]

Learn about the modules available to extend the value of your Spiro implementation from prospecting through ongoing customer success.

If you are already taking advantage of modules, watch to learn about Dynamic Duo module pairings that deliver real value for our customers.

In this video, you will see:
  • Each of Spiro’s modules that are available, and how they’re being used by customers;
  • Why every manufacturer and wholesaler should be pulling ERP data into Spiro for order visibility (and how our Data Collector simplifies that process, without requiring IT involvement); and
  • A few of the most popular “Dynamic Duo” pairings of modules that are solving key challenges, like using our Tickets and Customer Feedback Modules to meet some of the ISO certification compliance requirements.

If you are interested in discussing any of Spiro's Smart Modules for your company, schedule a call with us here.