Auto Filtering Emails on the Opportunity Timeline


When associating a contact with an opportunity in Spiro, all activities from that contact are automatically associated with that opportunity. While this can be a handy feature if you are only working on one opportunity for each company, what happens when you are working on multiple projects or opportunities within the same company? Or if you have multiple contacts engaged with multiple opportunities? The timeline for each specific opportunity can quickly become overrun with irrelevant information. 

We built auto-filters into Spiro that work off opportunity keywords. For every opportunity, you can set up specific keywords. When associating contacts to that opportunity, Spiro will only show emails that contain these keywords in that opportunity's timeline.  


Any user with access to the desired opportunity can set up email keywords for that opportunity. 

To access it, click the "More" button on the top right corner of the opportunity page detail. From there, select the "Email Keywords" option.

Once on this screen, you may enter keywords tied to this specific opportunity. For example, if this opportunity is associated with a specific project, you may want to type in the project name as a keyword. Only emails with text that matches the keywords entered will be displayed. NOTE: you must hit Enter on your keyboard after each keyword for the filter to save. When saved correctly, the email keywords will appear in a gray bubble.