Draft With AI and Constructing Email

Making Email in Spiro Easier to Use

More drafts with AI options

You can now set the tone of emails to be more creative and/or less formal. You can also have the AI suggest a subject line when composing the email draft.

Drag and drop email attachments

You can now drag and drop a file to add it as an attachment to an email. Shout out to our friends at Wanco for the suggestion.

Easily view email attachments

We’ve made it easier to find and view attachments to emails in Spiro.

You can now minimize an email that you’re writing in Spiro if you need to use Spiro to look up information or make a call.

We have expanded AI-generated email capabilities by adding a ‘reply with AI’ option, bringing a similar ‘draft with AI’ functionality to emails that you want to reply to. All you have to do is click the ‘reply with AI’ button and tell Spiro if you want a “Positive,” “Negative,” or “Neutral” tone to the email and it will create a draft response for you.