Spiro Release [September 2023]

Watch our September release webinar below or scroll down to read the full release notes.

New Feature Available in All Spiro Plans: Collaboration Notes

Collaboration Notes is now available on a variety of records within Spiro, including contacts, companies, activities, quotes, and more. Collaboration Notes is a new section that allows users to add notes, and even tag other colleagues with comments and questions to keep everyone up to date on each customer record.

Use Collaboration Notes to Update Colleagues

  • Tag Users to Effectively Collaborate: Spiro users can tag each other in notes to interact within the app and keep everyone involved with a contact or company informed.
  • Tag Groups to Communicate to the Whole Team: In addition to mentioning individual people, users can also tag groups like “Field Sales” (if this is set up for your team in Spiro) and everyone on the team will be notified.
  • Email Alerts and Notifications: When someone is mentioned in a note, they will receive an email as well as a notification in Spiro*. The person receiving the note can reply to the email and this will create a new note. *This feature is optional and can be turned off along with all other notifications in Settings / User Profile / Enable Notifications.
  • Mention via Email: Spiro users can tag people with just an email address to provide contextual information to the team members who need it. Those without Spiro licenses will be able to request access from the email about the note they were tagged in. Admins will now have a new section in User Administration that will show these requests.

  • User Profile Pictures: The user pictures you see in Spiro are imported from either Office 365 or Google Workspace. Updating your picture in those platforms will change them automatically in Spiro.

Updates to Notes and Reminders

Collaboration Notes will replace long text fields on reminders and post-call notes, as well as all notes that were previously stored under the activities section. All previously saved notes have been moved to the new Collaboration Notes section. Adding a note via API or Zapier will continue to function.

This is the first release of Collaboration Notes, a feature we expect to grow and evolve over time. We are excited to improve and expand this part of the app in coming releases. Please provide feedback!

What Else is New

  • Click to Scroll: Users can now click to scroll horizontally on lists within Spiro. This will make it easier for users to view every field on each record included in a list.

  • Schedule Meetings using Draft with AI: Users can now opt to have the draft with AI feature included suggested meeting times based on calendar availability. 

  • Notify Ticket Owners when an Email Reply is Sent on a Closed Ticket:  When someone replies to a closed ticket, the ticket is automatically re-opened and the owner of the ticket will be notified in Spiro.