Spiro Release [October 2023]

Watch our October release webinar below or scroll down to read the full release notes.

Updated Navigation in Web App

Upper Navigation Changes - The web app upper navigation has been updated to allow users to toggle on or off call availability without opening the phone interface. Users with connected Google Workspace or Office360 accounts will also see their profile picture set in their email client in the upper right corner of the screen.

Left Navigation is now Collapsible - The left navigation can now be collapsed and expanded, giving users a cleaner experience and more real estate to focus on the task at hand.

New Filter Options for Managers

Follow Team Opportunities That Matter to You - Now users can limit the Follow Team Opportunities feature by applying an opportunity filter, making it easier for admins and managers to keep track of their team’s activities. To add a filter, go to Settings > Following > select a filter. You can create a new filter on the Opportunities page.

Keyword Exclusions for the Opportunity Executive Summary - The executive summary has been updated to exclude unrelated emails based on keyword filters applied to an opportunity record. This will help ensure Spiro provides users with a more relevant summary of what is happening with an opportunity. To add email keywords, click the More dropdown on an opportunity and select ‘Email keywords’.

Filter the Weekly Manager Summary of Activity - When enabling the manager summary, a user can now choose to apply any activity filters to limit what is included in the summary, giving users another way to effectively control and limit the information they see to what is relevant and important. To add a filter, go to Settings > click the Manager Summary toggle under My Profile.

Improved Data Import Capabilities

Importing Currencies, Dates, and Phone Extensions is Now More Flexible - Data that includes phone extensions, dates, or currencies can now be imported directly into Spiro without the need for tedious formatting on your end. Spiro will catch any date format and format it to match Spiro’s formatting. Any currency will reflect the currency set in your organization within Spiro.

Match Contacts by Email When Importing - When importing or updating contact records, Spiro now searches for an existing record by email addresses, in addition to Contact ID, making it easier to update existing contacts in Spiro and limit the creation of duplicate records. When Contact ID and email are both imported, the Contact ID is the primary lookup value.