Spiro Release [December 2023]

Watch our December release webinar below or scroll down to read the full release notes.

Updated Notifications in the Web App

New Notification Design - The design and location of notifications has been updated to provide a cleaner appearance and improved user experience. (Note: You must have notifications enabled in Settings > My Profile.)

Notifications Disappear After 5 Seconds - Now when you are logged into Spiro and a new notification comes in, it will disappear after five seconds.

More Notifications Available in Notification Center - Your full list of notifications can be found in the notification center by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner. The notification center now also includes assistant notifications and reminder notifications.

Improved Call Flow in the Web App

Standard Extension Field  - When making a call through the Spiro web app, the phone interface now displays the standard extension field so users no longer need to refer to the contact record to find the right extension.

‘Save and Close’ Feature in Post Call Interface - When you finish a phone call in Spiro, you will now be immediately prompted to log the activity, saving any necessary notes on the call right away.

Updates to Email and Draft with AI

New Look for Writing Emails - The interface to draft a new email from the email icon in the upper navigation or the “Email” button on contact records has been updated to provide a cleaner user experience.

Draft with AI Includes Time Zones - When using the Draft with AI feature to schedule a meeting, the AI will now incorporate time zones into the proposed meeting times.

Additional Improvements

More Flexibility with Rows - Spiro can now count the number of rows on a list and users can adjust lists to display 10, 25, or 50 rows at a time.

Entity Pickers Sort Alphabetically - Fields that allow users to choose from custom list entities will now present the options in alphabetical order.

Save a Pipeline View - When you select a specific pipeline, Spiro will now remember which one you were most recently viewing when you return to the opportunity pipeline view.

Easier to Read Campaigns on Contact Records - Spaces now separate the list of campaigns on contact records if a contact is associated with more than one campaign.

Admin Updates

Import Files of Any Size - There is no longer a limit on the number of rows that can be imported into Spiro at one time.

Company Names Easier to Create in Contact Import - Spiro now checks to see if the Company Name field on a contact import is an exact match with an existing company record. If so, the contact is added to that company. If not, Spiro will create a new company record.

“Share Folder With” Feature Now Editable from Data Collector - The data collector includes a “Share Folder With” field that is now editable. When a user is selected, they will receive an email alerting them they’ve been granted access.

Import History Shows File Name - Import history now includes a column that displays the name of each import file.

Currency Value Imported even if $ Included - Spiro can now import currency fields even if the dollar sign is included in the field value.