Microsoft Office 0365 Authentication

In the Integrations Settings section of Admin settings, you will find a new standard integration for Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 admins can connect once for their team so current and future users will always have their emails and calendars connected.

Microsoft 0365 Integration

The standard integration for MS 0365 is available under Settings - Integrations. The user connecting needs to be an admin in both 0365 and in Spiro in order for it to work as expected.

Step 1: Admins can go to Settings - Integrations and navigate to Microsoft 365. Click "Configure."

Step 2:
Connect your admin MS 365 account. You MUST be an admin in 365 and have full visibility into all user accounts if this is going to work properly.

You will be redirected to the integrations page where you can revoke these permissions at any time.

Seeing the connection and opting out

Users can see that their account is connected in Settings - My Connections 

Clicking opt-out will remove the email connection and users can choose to opt back in at any time.