Automate Spiro Tasks using Zapier

You already know how easy Spiro makes managing your entire sales process. But what if you want to integrate other that apps you and your team use daily?

With Zapier you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business. Zapier connects Spiro to 750+ apps, moving information between the apps you use at work so you can focus on selling more. These “Zaps” require no additional code and allow you to put the busy work on autopilot and get more done. For example, you can automatically send an email to someone if an opportunity changes stage or create new opportunities for when you get a new prospect from your website. (is very intuitive and no technical background is necessary)

To get started, just create a free account with Zapier and use Spiro Zaps to get started. You can always create your own.


Tagging your team members in a note using Zapier

If you'd like to automate the tagging of your coworkers in one of your zaps:

1) Add an action step for Create Interaction (Note)

2) In the body of the note, add your text and then use this format for the tag: @[User First Name User Last Name](User ID). A correctly formatted tag looks like this: @[Andy Levi](1234)

Please ask your Spiro Admin for the user IDs which can be found in Settings.

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