Using Spiro's API

Requesting Access

In order to use Spiro’s API, you must have a valid access token, provided by Spiro.  To request a token, email with your request, and make sure to include a redirect URI (must be https/SSL).  Spiro will send you a client ID, client secret, and authentication URL.

Follow the authentication URL, and approve access using your username and password:

Once you are there you have to sign in and authorize access.

You will be redirected to your redirect URI, which will now contain an authorization code, sent by Spiro. https://YOUR_REDIRECT_URI?code=18768d576dc182906bc1e030871bf79bf9da99a38c607c3ffbc60b3796b2f9d2

From there you can request the access token via the following endpoint:  


You will receive the following response:


This diagram walks you through the process described above:


Using the API

Each tab on the left-hand side of the API interface mirrors a class of features in Spiro.  Under each class of features, there is a list of endpoints that can be used to retrieve, create, update, or delete data via HTTP request protocol.  Clicking on the endpoint in the API interface opens a built-in test development environment which specifies the URI, request method (GET, POST, DELETE, or PUT), and parameters.  Additionally, developers can actually call the resource example from the environment, and see an example request syntax and infrastructure in several programming languages. The API Reference can be found here.

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