Spiro Overview

About Us:

Spiro is the first AI-Powered CRM that reminds you who to call, updates itself and helps sales teams close more deals.

Spiro automatically creates, updates and manages your pipeline, plus it and gives you proactive recommendations about which prospect you should connect with next. It provides a fast and secure communication tool that gives sales professionals and sales leaders complete pipeline visibility.

Spiro's provides everything that a sales team would expect of a modern sales platform plus it's super simple to use and provides powerful sales management capabilities.

Spiro's phone app works seamlessly with our web application so sales professionals can have complete access to their customer records, opportunity pipeline, leads, contacts, and reports wherever they are.

Spiro's Personal Sales Assistant provides:

- Self Writing Call List
- Automated Tasks and Reminders
- Intelligent Next Step Creation
- Proven Email Templates

Spiro's Easy to Use CRM Provides:

- Automated Lead, Contact & Pipeline Management
- Powerful & Easy to Use Phone App
- Full Web Application and Chrome Extension
- Integrated Calling and Texting from within Spiro
- Integrates with Outlook / Exchange, Gmail, Office 365 and more

Spiro Help Sales Leaders with:

- One-button Forecast Generation
- Proactive Deal Alerts
- Opportunity Priority Assignment
- Enhanced Activity Visibility

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