Status and Engagement

Spiro uses Artificial Intelligence to help users understand how they are engaging with accounts overall as well as individual contacts. For opportunities, Spiro helps users understand which open opportunities there is engagement with and which need attention or might be at risk. These fields are populated using Artificial Intelligence and can not be changed by Spiro users. These fields do not update in real-time; they update once daily. 

Company and Contact Engagement

On company and contact records in Spiro, there is a field called Engagement that give users a status indicator based on communication. The values are:

  • Uncontacted: No activity for the Contact and Company
  • Attempted: Outbound interactions but no success
  • Contacted: Some type of successful engagement 
  • Disengaged: There has been activity in the past, but there is no recent activity during the last 30 days

Opportunity Status

On the opportunity record in Spiro, there is a field called Status that helps users understand which opportunities are currently engaged and need more attention or might be at risk. The Status field is dependent on Key Contacts to be associated with an opportunity. If there are no key contacts associated with an opportunity, the status may incorrectly read as "Stalled" or "New". The Opportunity Status is calculated and updated daily. 

  • New: Newly created opportunity with no activity associated.  
  • Working: One-way outbound communication with the Key Contacts* associated with your opportunity (outbound emails, left voicemail, etc) or direct opportunity interactions which means logging an activity directly from the opportunity timeline.
  • Engaged: Two-way communication with the Key Contacts* associated with your opportunity (related calendar events, inbound emails, inbound calls, outbound calls, met in person activities)
  • Proposing: There are emails with Key Contacts subject body matching the words "Proposal" or "Quote"
  • Stalled: Engagement/activity stops for the past ~14 days
  • Won: Opportunity is marked as Won sales stage
  • Lost: Opportunity is marked as Lost sales stage