Custom Fields


Custom fields allow your team to capture important data for Companies, Contacts, and Opportunities in Spiro. These fields can be used to filter lists in Spiro and create insightful reports around data.

Adding Custom Fields

Choose the entity you would like to add a custom field to. Add a label and choose the correct type for your field:

Reminder: The entity is a section in Spiro, such as Company, Contact, or Opportunity to track data. For more details on custom entities related to Company, Contact, or Opportunity, go to our Custom Entities page.

When labeling your new custom fields, be sure not to use special characters (such as &, $, etc.) This may cause reports to stop syncing. 

Field Types to choose from:

  • Single-line text: user can type one line of text
  • Multi-line text: user can type multiple lines of text
  • Number: user can type in a number
  • Date Picker: user can choose a date from a calendar
  • Single pick-list*: user can choose 1 option from the list
  • Multi pick-list*: user can choose multiple options from the list
  • Currency: formats number in dollar amount
  • Link: a hyperlink that will open up in a new window
  • Company Picker: link to another company that exists in Spiro
  • Contact Picker: link to a contact that exists in Spiro
  • User Picker: link to other Spiro users in your organization
  • Calculated Value: calculate a value using other numeric fields
  • Opportunity Picker: Link to another opportunity that exists in Spiro
  • Entity Picker: choose from previously created custom list entities.
  • Attachment: attach documents to this field type.
When creating a pick-list, use a comma to separate each option on the lis

Dynamic Field Values

Dynamic values create a dependent relationship between two pick-list type fields. For example, you could create a field called "Contact Type" and another field called "Add to Campaign". You can stack these rules which allow each "Contact Type" to have a specific list of campaign options dependent on their status.

  • Depending on the Contact Type, you can set up the "Add to Campaign" to display specific Campaigns dependent on what the Contact type is.
  • For example, if the Contact is a new lead, you wouldn't want the contact to be added to "Onboarding" nor "Product Updates" Campaign.
  • In this case, you can make it so that only "New Lead Campaign" or "Newsletter" are available options to pick.

This is designed to reduce clutter, and add precision to field relationships.