Custom Entities Overview


Custom entities allow your team to capture important data related to Companies, Contacts, and Opportunities in Spiro. These fields can be used to filter lists in Spiro and create insightful reports around data. 

As an Admin, you can customize entities under  Settings > Customizations

If you need to create any additional entities to track data, choose "New Entity".

  • Think of an entity as another section on the Company, Contact, or Opportunity details page to organize and track data.

Customizing Entities

Entity Type

There are three types of Entities: List Entities, Section Entities, and Independent Lists.  Independent Lists are only available in the Spiro Enterprise product.   

  • List Entities are used for related lists (for example, featured products that are related to Opportunities)
  • Section Entities are used to track additional attributes to a Company, Contact or Opportunity (for example, any additional marketing attributes)Please note that in section view you cannot add more than one record.
    • Why would I create a section entity vs additional fields at the [Company/Contact/Opportunity] level? Section Entities appear in their own labeled area of a record, and also give you additional control over the security and visibility of the section. For example, you could create section entities on a Company record that are only visible to your account management team, so as to not make the company page too cluttered for your sales team.  
  • Independent List Entities are lists entities that do not require a parent entity and they do not need to be associated to a Contact, Company, or Opportunity. Examples of independent list entities that your organization might create are a Product/Pricebook catalog or an organization goals tracker. To mark an entity as an Independent List, mark the appropriate checkbox when creating your custom entity. Please note - Independent Entities are only available to organizations using the Enterprise version of Spiro. 

Note: you can also toggle "Display on the left menu bar" if you would like to be able to access your custom entity on the left menu bar, as seen in the screenshot below.

Below is a sample product catalog created using an independent list in Spiro. Notice that you can access your lists on the left menu:

When you add products to a quote, you will be able to click into the quote (another example of a list entity) to view the products that are now related to that quote.

Creating a New Entity

To create a new Custom Entity, go to Settings --> Fields and Entities and click "New Entity"

* When labeling your new custom fields and entities, be sure not to use special characters (such as &, $, etc.) This may cause reports to stop syncing. For more information on custom fields, go to our Custom Fields page

Entities Display Based on Rule

When you are creating new entities, you can display the entity based on a rule to help keep the page organized and reduce sections your team is seeing if they do not need to. For example, you can choose to display the Quotes entity on the Opportunity only when the Sales Stage is equal to Preparing Quote.

Displaying based on a rule is available to both Section and List entities. Some common examples of where you might use this: 

  • Show an Orders/Invoices list entity a the company level, but only if the company is a customer 
  • Show a Quote Line Items or Opportunity Product list entity at the Opportunity level, but only if an Opportunity is in a later sales stage 

Entity Search

You are able to search all the records within a custom list entity. For example, if you have a custom list entity tracking all your quotes, you will be able to search for a particular quote, allowing you find information more easily.