Custom Fields and List Layout

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow your team to capture important data for companies, contacts, and opportunities in Spiro. These fields can be used to filter lists in Spiro and create insightful reports around data. 

As an Admin, you can customize your team's fields under Settings > Custom Fields. 

Choose the entity you would like to add the new field too. 

Add a label and choose the correct type for your field:

  • Single-line text: user can type one line of text
  • Multi-line text: user can type multiple lines of text
  • Number: user can type a number
  • Date Picker: user can choose a date from a calendar
  • Single pick-list*: user can choose 1 option from the list
  • Multi pick-list*: user can choose multiple options from the list
  • Currency: formats number in dollar amount
  • Link: a hyperlink that will open up in a new window
  • Company Picker: link to another company that exists in Spiro
  • Contact Picker: link to a contact that exists in Spiro
  • User Picker: link to other Spiro users in your organization
  • Calculated Value: calculate a value using other numeric fields (see below for example)

*When creating a pick-list, use a comma to separate each option on the list

Calculated Field Example

Let’s say you are selling a monthly subscription-based product for $10 a month. You can create a calculated field multiplying the number of months the customer has signed up for by the unit price.

List Layout

Customize the visibility and drag and drop to change the order of up to ten columns in the list view for Opportunities, Contacts and Companies tabs in Spiro. 

You can also make certain columns editable. This means that a user can click on a field right from the list view to edit the value without having to drill in. 

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